Coming up for air and restart!


A friend of mine sent me a reminder today that I needed to continue this blog. Truth be told, I have completely forgotten about this blog. It’s been two years since I last published. I already finished my second master degree, visited a few countries, and I currently lead a health promotion project for people living with HIV.

Running a blog is difficult for someone who has a full-time job. I was able to maintain a publishing schedule two years ago because I was in school and I needed to graduate. For now, I am back commenting on old and new public health issues. Here are a few things you can expect from this blog.

1) Unlike the last time I published, the blog will be more inclusive of other public health issues. Nutrition and Physical Activity are very close to my heart, but we do not live in a bubble–we need to think bigger. Diet and physical activity is just a small part of a collection of public health issues that requires attention to indeed produce positive health outcomes for ourselves and our communities.

2) The blog will have my opinions. These opinions are my own and not of my employee, my university, or any professional organization.

3) I will work my hardest to communicate in a way that most of us can understand. Jargon can be very precise but ends up least understood by the public.

4) I will continue the use of references. While I may be overeducated, folks who came up with new ideas deserve respect and acknowledgment of their work.

5) I will continue to be snarky. Naturally snarky. Not planned snarky. Some posts will be snarky, and some won’t be. I can promise however that the posts will be very ‘me’–casual and based on evidence.

So here’s to a new beginning.



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